Tag: Social Studies

  • Active News Circles

    Several years ago, I was fortunate to take professional development training with the Korda Institute, specializing in teaching entrepreneurial thinking and other 21st century skills. During the training, I learned […]

  • Climate Justice in BC

    This website has a series of climate justice modules for the classroom on diverse topics from waste, food systems, transportation, fracking, and reimagining the future. This module was created by […]

  • Climate Justice Can’t Happen without Racial Justice (TED Talk)

    Why we love this resource? A ten minute TED talk on the intersectionality of climate justice and racial justice. Lammy’s relevant message is reachable for any middle or high school […]

  • Drilled (Podcast)

    Why we love this resource? It is an investigative podcast that uncovers the story of how climate change denial was created by the fossil fuel industry. Resource Type: Podcast, Text […]

  • Alberta Feral Horses Unit (Inquiry)

    Why we love this resource? This website is a practical lesson in approaching controversy as dialogue instead of a battle. Resource Type: Website, Lesson Plan Content Website: www.abcee.org/feral-horses-inquiry  

  • Empowering Learners in a Warming World – Learning for a Sustainable Future

    Why we love this resource? Nine inquiry units about different aspects of climate change, including social impacts, for students in Grade 7-12. Resource Type: Inquiry unit guide Website: climatelearning.ca

  • Project Drawdown

    Why we love this resource? This website shares the most up to date data on climate change; they pride themselves on being the world’s leading resource for climate solutions. These […]

  • Climate Emergency Feedback Loop

    Why we love this resource? An engaging series of videos that introduces feedback loops and the climate emergency. Resource Type: Videos Website: feedbackloopsclimate.com

  • Zinn Education Project

    Why we love this resource?  Perfect for the Social Studies classroom, these lesson plans and resources will help students become critical thinkers and engaged citizens. Resource Type: Lesson Plans, Activities, […]

  • Story of Stuff

    Why we love this resource? These engaging, relatable and easy to understand videos will help children understand how their consumption patterns impact our planet. Resource Type: Videos and Lesson Plans […]