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  • #2 – Interdisciplinary Learning for the Real World

    Do you see the world through the lens of the individual subjects you learned at school? Breaking things up to consider the math side, then the science aspects, then the […]

  • Active News Circles

    Several years ago, I was fortunate to take professional development training with the Korda Institute, specializing in teaching entrepreneurial thinking and other 21st century skills. During the training, I learned […]

  • #1 – The Current State of Climate Education

    Dive into the current state of climate change education in Canada. Hear from a range of guests who help illustrate what students are learning, and more importantly, what’s missing. No matter what your role is in the education system, join us and get ready to become a climate change educator!

  • Climate Justice in BC

    This website has a series of climate justice modules for the classroom on diverse topics from waste, food systems, transportation, fracking, and reimagining the future. This module was created by […]

  • Climate Justice Can’t Happen without Racial Justice (TED Talk)

    Why we love this resource? A ten minute TED talk on the intersectionality of climate justice and racial justice. Lammy’s relevant message is reachable for any middle or high school […]

  • Drilled (Podcast)

    Why we love this resource? It is an investigative podcast that uncovers the story of how climate change denial was created by the fossil fuel industry. Resource Type: Podcast, Text […]

  • Alberta Feral Horses Unit (Inquiry)

    Why we love this resource? This website is a practical lesson in approaching controversy as dialogue instead of a battle. Resource Type: Website, Lesson Plan Content Website:  

  • Empowering Learners in a Warming World – Learning for a Sustainable Future

    Why we love this resource? Nine inquiry units about different aspects of climate change, including social impacts, for students in Grade 7-12. Resource Type: Inquiry unit guide Website:

  • EN-Roads Climate Change Simulator

    Why we love this resource? This Interactive tool allows you to adjust a wide variety of carbon outputs to see the impact on potential global temperatures Resource Type: Website Website: […]

  • Project Drawdown

    Why we love this resource? This website shares the most up to date data on climate change; they pride themselves on being the world’s leading resource for climate solutions. These […]