#2 – Interdisciplinary Learning for the Real World

Do you see the world through the lens of the individual subjects you learned at school? Breaking things up to consider the math side, then the science aspects, then the language arts angle? In most parts of our life, we view the world from an integrated approach; why, then, are schools so stuck in subject-specific teaching, and how can we break free from these confining structures?

In this episode we will talk to several educators who use interdisciplinary teaching to enrich their students’ experiences, and consider why this is crucial for effective climate change education.

Thank you to our guests this week:

Alexis Birner, Pear Tree Elementary
Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Website | Youtube

Bruce Ford, Metro Vancouver
LinkedIn | Website | Instagram
Additional Resources:
K-12 Resources
K-12 Field Trips
Youth 4 Action
Metro Vancouver Climate Action

Cody Forbes and Paige Hansen, Delta Farm Roots Mini School
Twitter: @paigehansen2013 @deltafarmroots | Facebook | Instagram | Website

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